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For converting IncrediMails emails into Thunderbird, the following steps will provide you in detail the conversion process of importing IncrediMail to Thunderbird:

Use IncrediMail to Thunderbird export tool

IncrediMail to Thunderbird tool allows the user to import IncrediMail files with the easy process. There is also an auto-detect option which easily auto-detects the IncrediMail identities. There is also a feature to choose the orphan IncrediMail files easily. The procedure of the conversion is given below:

IncrediMail to Outlook

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Now, find the result resultant MBOX files and you will be able to view them in Thunderbird easily.

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Prime features of IncrediMail to Thunderbird migration tool

IncrediMail provides the users with options such as to use skins, 3D effects; style box which allows consists of all Ecards, Letters, Sounds and Animations. Babylon is a feature present inside IncrediMail and is basically the translation feature is given for free. There is also feature to spell-check which is now available in 7 languages. User can also quickly transfer the IncrediMail emails without any problem from one system to another system. There is also an Editing Brush which will help the user to copy the given style from one format to another. Users can take the advantage of spam blocker and junk mail monitor.

IncrediMail is mostly used by the younger generation which is fond of emojis, 3D effects and notifiers. IncrediMail specially caters to the need of certain user base. IncrediMail also gives the problem of freezing and not sending the emails. Thunderbird the rival email client of IncrediMail and is much more widely used than IncrediMail email client. The advantages of using Thunderbird is many over IncrediMail and that are Thunderbird offers export features which is not present in IncrediMail. Thunderbird also provides the feature of mail junk filtering which is much better than IncrediMail. Thunderbird even has an unread folders option in which use can easily locate all your unread emails. This feature works very beautifully in the long run.

Importing IncrediMail to Thunderbird can be tough task. There is no simple and direct way to perform the conversion. There are difficult methods and there easy methods too. But the users are not well informed so they go for the difficult methods which seem easy. The manual procedure has extensive and long steps which is not useful for the users. It consumes lot of time and gives the user headaches. Another way to perform the conversion is with the help of freeware and freeware as from the name suggest are "free" but they too have their limitations like they are full of bugs, spyware and adware. The easiest and best method is to install the converter tool which always provides the users with the best results.

The user has no other option than to use the converter because as the file formats of both IncrediMail and Thunderbird are different. So, the use of converter is must because first it will convert the IncrediMail emails very quickly and without even having a problem.

This tool makes the conversion process very easy. The user would have never seen such brilliant software. The conversion gets completed in simple and few steps.

The conversion is not complex like many other converter tools, if a user is from basic background then also the conversion process would seem easy to him. The conversion was never so much easy as it is fulfilled in minimum steps.

Use IncrediMail to Thunderbird tool

The demo edition of this tool is free to download and use. It will only have a limitation to convert 25 mails in total. The full edition of this tool is not free but gives you the whole conversion of your IncrediMail emails.

FREE Download Now
Version: 6.9
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Price: $69

  • Do not have IncrediMail? Not a problem the tool converts the files without IncrediMail
  • Formatting is retained exactly in similar manner
  • Transfer limitless number of IncrediMail files
  • IncrediMail to Thunderbird tool works on every edition of Windows operating system
  • View the converted files in your Mozilla Thunderbird